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Client Retention

Do you know why your clients buy from you? ACTNow provides independent, government approved, past-performance evaluations used to discover what your clients "think and feel" about your company. For example: trust, price, service, convenience, etc. Areas where improvements can be made are identified and the feedback you'll receive is amazing.

"Some of our employees worried that our products were too expensive . . then, after the evaluation, we discovered that our customers felt that we provided excellent value for the price. We also discovered our customers found specific products instructions lacking detail. Finally, we had some real feedback we could use." - LRI, Photon Micro Lights.

Employee Engagement

High employee-turnover creates high-employee turnover.  Long-term employees become over-worked, the pressure rises and before long your business will suffer. Employee retention significantly impacts client retention. Rapport with our customers via our employees is an important connection.

Employee turnover is expensive. Losing certain employees can cost up to of 150% of their salary not including any potential client losses. Large companies are addressing this opportunity, are you?

ACTNow used proven employee engagement surveys developed to find out what your employees "think & feel". Armed with this information you gain feedback into the level of employee engagement within your company.  This offers you opportunities to more fully engage with your employees and reduce employee-turnover.

Marketing Strategies - Are you sending a clear message?

Generic marketing plans produce generic results. If you are sending a clear message . . . who is receiving it? Are they decision-makers? Are they responding? What do you want them to know, why is it important, and what do your want them to do? These and other questions become part of your client categorization methods to ensure that your marketing dollars have increased impact.

ACTNow can help you evaluate your marketing plans, categorize your customers, and upgrade your brand.

Business Communication Skills - Are you focused?

After you have received feedback from your clients and your marketing strategies are in place, it's time to polish your employees abilities to consistently produce reader-based emails, and audience-based presentations. These essential business skills training programs have been used by global leaders for over 25 years. These programs feature repeatable, systematic processes that save time during development, and produce finely-crafted presentations and emails.

Is your team focused?

More often than not, wages are not the most important factor that affects employee satisfaction and retention. ACTNow offers several techniques and courses that can address improved overall morale, and crisis communication skills training that significantly reduces turnover.

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"One must change one's tactics every 10 years if one wishes to maintain one's superiority. In today's society the pace of change is immensely faster, and it will only continue to accelerate".
- Napoleon

Employee Satisfaction

"You can't expect your employees to exceed the expectations of your customers if you don't exceed the employee's expectations of management".
- Howard Schultz, Starbucks


"The world as we have created it
is a process of our thinking.
It cannot be changed without changing our thinking".
- Albert Einstein


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